Tuesday, January 28, 2020



We have these guidelines in place to ensure the wellbeing of our members and community, any members found to be in breach of these guidelines could see us terminate their membership or issue a temporary ban. SMG ESPORTS holds the right to edit, add or delete guidelines at anytime. 

Reporting Misconduct

We have an online system where members can report misconduct, they will also have the option of remaining anonymous while an investigation takes place. 

Membership Requirements

To be a member of SMG ESPORTS we require that you meet these simple requirements.

Please don’t try and pull the wool over our eyes like lying about your age and other things, we will find out sooner rather than later, we have a good track record of finding out who the liars are, so if you don’t meet the requirements, don’t bother applying. 

Member Requirements List

  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older (18 is the minimum no if’s or but’s)
  • Can be from any part of the globe (yes the world is round, We’ve watched the Discovery channel)
  • Not be a member of another Clan, Team or Organization (why would you want to be)
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Have a working headset to communicate in game (not having a mic is just pointless really)

Joining SMG

To join SMG ESPORTS you will need to join our Discord server, once you have joined there, one of our administration team will ask you a few questions, like where your from and what console or if you play on PC, this is so that we assign you the correct roles.

General Conduct

Each member should conduct themselves in a respectful manner, to be quite frank we don’t like bullshit feeders, bullies or fools. Our advice is don’t be one! 

Our members come from a range of backgrounds, abilities, religions, countries and other things that we always forget to list. Please be aware of this and all differences should be left somewhere where it isn’t part of SMG ESPORTS, remember we are all gamers and have the same passion for games, this is what brought us together, let’s share this passion.

We have built our community on trust and professionalism, but here are a few things that we don’t want to see in our servers, chat parties or members streams (even if you yourself isn’t streaming but someone else is).

Don’ts (this will get you banned)

  • Derogatory remarks or slurs in party chat or Discord pertaining to anyone’s race, colour, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation or family status
  • Threatening, harassing, abusive, violent or otherwise being inflammatory to other members or persons
  • Using words in party chat that could cause offence in streams that could result in a sponsor or partner pulling their contract with us. 
  • Bullying of any kind, this includes continuous teasing or jokes going to far
  • Encouraging conduct that would be considered harmful or offensive
  • Political or religious activism 
  • SPAM
  • False, fraudulent or misleading information
  • Sharing pornographic or violent media
  • Sharing unlawful content
  • Sharing content that infringes third party property, privacy or publicity rights
  • Sharing defamatory content
  • Sharing corrupt content that contains viruses
  • Posts that are not written in English (if you do please be prepared to translate for all)
  • Raging 
  • Hackers
  • Double Clanning
  • Leaving lobbies without informing everyone
  • Removal or changing clan tags
  • Not playing the objective
  • Refusing game invites without a message
  • Glitchers 
  • Modders
  • Campers
  • Cheating
  • Rage quitting

New Members

When you join SMG ESPORTS you will be introduced to our welcome team, these guys will get you involved with others so that you can meet new people and grow your friends list.


We ask all members to kindly inform us if your going somewhere or if your going to be absent for any length of time (longer than a month). This will stop us removing you for ghosting. Please get in touch as soon as you are aware.


We have leadership within SMG ESPORTS and there are ways for members to help out and join our ranks, we normally will approach members asking them to help out but if you feel that you have something to offer and are extremely dedicated to the success of SMG ESPORTS then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

Complaints Procedure

We take complaints very seriously and we mean seriously. If you have something that is bothering you and would like to inform us then get in touch, this can be done by direct message in discord to one of the founders (the founders have red coloured names).


If your membership is terminated because of misconduct then you hold the right to appeal, all appeals will be investigated by the SMG ESPORTS Appeals Team (SEAT), the SEAT will look into all appeals in depth and this could take some time, so please be aware of this as decisions on your appeal could take up to a week to decide on an outcome. During the appeal process please don’t pesture the SEAT as this will only result in your appeal being withdrawn.

Decisions of the SEAT are final and further appeals will not be accepted.